"I read a letter that has travelled over a small windy sea of archipelagos,

and someone lights the lamps in room after room"

Eddus The Great
4 January 1985
A list of my character traits:. 24. Queer. Feminist. Poet. Amateur existential detective. Ukulelist. Introspective. Wide-smiling. Pretentious. Trainee linguist (russian&german). Wistful. Haunter of libraries. Word arranger.

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Above are some natural, unstaged portraits.

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On youtube here: http://youtube.com/user/eddusfledermaus
- I read poetry, post vlogs and make videos starring German christmas figures and pink Australian rabbits

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I run various series on the blog, these include:

-"Shit Art At Courtyard" Where I write about and post photos of the art I steward at my art gallery. It's not always shit.

-"A Photo Most Days" Where I post a photo of something that has happened to me almost every day. It's like a 365 day photo project without the daily pressure. And with no foreseeable end.



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